Happy Thanksgiving!

2020-10-06 | 13:23:51

My family and I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving whatever that looks like for you this year.  We are glad to have all of our boys home and safe during this crazy pandemic and will be celebrating with a traditional turkey dinner here with just the six of us.  I can’t quite say it will be a quiet weekend as our guys can be pretty lively….we have learned to laugh at most of their shenanigans.  Might have to put them to work raking leaves to earn their dinner….tired boys are good boys! 😉

We are all trying to continue to be a part of the Covid solution by keeping our bubble small and social distancing as much as possible.  We spent a week at our family cottage near beautiful Perth, ON this summer and have not ventured very far since, except to visit my dad.  Our boys remain cooperative with the social distancing and we are proud of their continued positivity.  Luckily the two younger boys have been amazingly resilient with the combination of in-person and on-line learning and we will keep our fingers crossed that things at school keep running smoothly.  The older two are both still working and for as long as it lasts we are thankful.   We’re also grateful that my dad continues to be in good health and spirits since the passing of my mom in June.  We have had numerous visits between Milton and Bancroft these past few months and he is doing remarkably well for an 80 year old fellow who is on his own for the first time. 

The highlight of the fall season in our house has always been getting back to the rink.  The boys are back on the ice but it looks quite a bit different with gearing up at home, no games and no travel.  Still happy to have them keeping active and having fun.  My charity hockey team is on hold for the time being and we truly missed not hosting the annual community fundraising tournament for the first time in 40 years!   The Team Duggan Mortgage Milton Oldstars will be anxious to get back on the ice when it’s safe to do so and will look forward to hosting our annual charity golf tournament next May. 

Not sure what the next few months will have in store for all of us but my family and I feel it is important to share our gratitude for the many exceptional people and good fortune in our lives.   Team Duggan Mortgage would like to  thank you for the continued trust and confidence you have put in our services.  Our ongoing success relies on the loyalty and support of clients like you and we especially appreciate all of the positive feedback, recommendations, reviews and referrals.    Again, we wish you all the best for a very happy Thanksgiving with your families…stay safe and stay well! 



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