2022-07-14 | 10:29:01


As of 10AM EST on July 13th, the Bank of Canada has increased their Overnight Rate by 1.00% to 2.50%. As you know, your variable rate mortgage, line of credit and/or student loans are all based on the Prime Rate and therefore those payments will be...

2022-06-15 | 10:59:45

Team Duggan News!

Team Duggan Mortgage Inc. is expanding!  We are very pleased to announce that we havea new team member, William Duggan. Will completed the Mortgage Professionals Canada, Ontario Mortgage Agent course last summer and has recently received his...

2022-04-26 | 13:04:03

The Top Five Misconceptions About Reverse Mortgages

We have received more and more inquiries about reverse mortgages over the past several months and we have been able to use this product in a number of ways to make some life changing improvements to the financial well being of a number of our clients...

2022-04-08 | 13:28:10

2022 Federal Budget ~ Housing Affordability Improvements

I received an article from RBC Wealth Management that does a great job of explaining the 2022 Federal Budget and it’s measures to improve housing affordability. As always, please feel free to call or email at any time if you would like to discuss...

2022-03-07 | 06:32:20

Interest Rate Update ~ March 2022

As predicted by almost everyone, the Bank of Canada raised their ‘overnight’ rate by .25% last week, which has led to all of the banks to increase their ‘prime’ rate to 2.70% from 2.45%. A variable rate mortgage of $350,000 with a 25 year...

2022-01-28 | 08:27:41

Interest Rate Update ~ January 2022

The Bank of Canada announced this week that they will be leaving their key interest rate at .25%, meaning that the Bank Prime Rate remains 2.45% for now, but not for long. The Bank reiterated its position that the rate would need to go up soon from...

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